Functional, sustainable and unique—those are the requirements for everything Fierce Hazel makes.

FIERCE Is Freedom
Now we know! Freedom is not fitting in. Freedom is worrying less and doing more. We make bags for whatever you need, wherever you want to go. Designed to help you simply get out and do more of what makes you happy.

We are committed to not adding more waste to the planet, and we believe you are too. Fierce Hazel uses leftover fabric and partners with an ethical factory in Vietnam that pays a living wage and has reasonable working hours and a good work environment. Our mission is to be kind to our workers and to our environment. 


We’re not kids anymore. We are determined not to age gracefully. Our time is now! And we are proud AF of our age, our sexuality, our bodies, and our idiosyncrasies. 

HAZEL Loves the Outdoors

Nature is a place to get away. Ocean waves. A mighty forest. Sky-piercing mountains. A tranquil river. A place to find yourself or a welcome escape from the pressures of everyday life. A way to be free, feel alive, and tune into something bigger than yourself. Fierce Hazel is a durable bag not afraid of a little dirt.

FIERCE Is Beautiful, Courageous Imperfection

We embrace what makes us special. Fierce is learning that being different is a good thing. End of story.

HAZEL Seeks Self Discovery

Life is an ever-evolving journey. A trek to find our passions or that spark in life. To venture out of our comfort zone, we need support that’s self-sufficient and functional for every new road we take. A bag to carry the essentials for each epic adventure.

A Bit About the Founder

Photo of founder woman owned business Frankie Holt


Hi-ya. It's me. Frankie. I’m a lover of cycling, thrift stores and doing things myself. In my 20s I found a pack of clothing tags that read Specially Fashioned by Hazel. I loved the name Hazel, and an alter ego was born! I stitched those labels into everything I sewed. Now in my 50s, I’m feeling fiercer and feistier than ever and I've decided not to age gracefully.

One thing I’ve always sought out in life is simplicity. I’m a cyclist, and cycling has changed my life. I needed a well-made pouch to keep my stuff safe while I biked and couldn’t find what I needed. So I decided to design one. It had to be functional, light, and unique but kind to the planet. Fierce Hazel was born!

So I've created a little something that everyone can take on journeys everywhere. Find your own freedom like I found mine.

Collage of 3 images for Fierce Hazel Woman owned business for cyclists and travelers

Simply Fierce. Specially Fashioned. Fierce Hazel.