Committed to Sustainably Restore Anew

Committed to Sustainably Restore Anew

We care deeply about making high-quality, long lasting sustainable gear. And giving them the longest life possible is in our DNA.

Sometimes, the unavoidable accident happens—a tear, a zipper breaks, seam splits, a spill.

At Fierce Hazel, we strongly believe in aging gracefully and not adding any more waste to the planet. We always encourage mending your bag rather than discarding it for something new. With a little TLC, there’s likely many more miles ahead and great adventures for your Fierce Hazel gear.

We’ve found LA-based, eco-friendly Suay Sew Shop to add that specially fashioned love back into our bags that need fixing. We chose them because of their dedication to recycling textiles, coupled with a drive for activism and putting reclaimed products at the center of a social, economic and environmental revolution.

Below: The bag before and after. Even we had a hard time seeing the fix!

Because Accidents Happen 

Recently, Suay restored one of our Urban Explorer Bags. The customer calls it her “all-season bag” and uses it for everything. At a hurried trip to the grocery store, the bag got caught on something but it wasn’t until she was at a concert later that she realized the bag was ripped and one of the red hooks was nearly torn off.

“Any other bag it would have been completely off, I’m sure—thank goodness for this bag’s sturdy construction,” she wrote.

She wasn’t sure how to repair it and needed help. 

“I want to ensure I can use this bag forever and ever. I love it that much (and I’m a 59 year old very picky human),” she wrote.

Here at Fierce Hazel, we loved how much she loved her bag and wanted to keep using it. It warmed our hearts—she didn’t want to replace it or throw it away, but restore it.

It’s exactly our philosophy and mission here. We told her to send the bag to us and we'll take care of it. We biked over to Suay Sew Shop and they took it from there.

“Thanks for sending my bag back in PERFECT shape— what an awesome repair! I just got home from Colorado and reallllly missed having my bag on that trip; it truly is the perfect size, all season, and so sharp-looking!” 

And she did us the honor of sending in an official review:

Everything about this bag is perfect! It's versatile, sturdy, all-season, all-events (pairs well with a LBD or hikers), and really spacious for its size. And I had the BEST customer service experience with them when a mishap occurred (not the bag's fault). Don't walk, ride like the wind to the BUY button. You will not be disappointed and even more, you'll be thoroughly impressed!

We also offer repairs and patches on our pouches and wallets! Our repair policy is simple. You send it to us and pay a reasonable repair fee. We coordinate the repair process and return it to you at no additional cost. The cost of the repair depends on the extent of the damage. The average turnaround time for repair is four to six weeks.

In most cases, the bag is fixable but if it’s deemed unrepairable we will contact you about options. In those cases, your original gear will either be returned to you or responsibly recycled.

Our bags are tough! But accidents do happen.

Our Bags Are Tough

Keep Fierce Forever (Self Care for Your Gear)

Taking extra care of our products helps gives them a long life too. For instance, you may want to renew the water repellent surface of your pouch or cycling case (wallet) over time.

As the name suggests, durable water repellent (DWR) the factory-applied waterproofing, is durable but it’s not everlasting. Bug repellent, sun screen, salt, dirt and time all reduce effectiveness. You can tell if the water repellent is weakening if water no longer beads up and rolls off the pouch but instead turns the fabric darker.  When this happens, all you need to do is reapply DWR.

We’re big fans of NikWax Tent Gear Solarproof because it’s easy to apply, works well and NikWax is committed to the environment and doesn’t use fluorocarbon water-repellents. 

Freedom To Explore 

We believe that freedom should be just that—freedom to check out our unique bags with no worries. We stand behind our products with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love it, we have a no-questions-asked return policy for 90 days after you purchase your Fierce Hazel bag or wallet. 

For any repairs or other care questions, please contact us at We will respond within 24 hours with instructions.

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