Starting Point: On The Bike

Starting Point: On The Bike

I am someone who needs to have things in place. When things are organized, I feel calmer and less stressed. My mind relaxes and opens up to new thoughts. 

A good bike ride can do the same thing. It’s magical. It’s my sanctuary from the stresses of everyday life. I started Fierce Hazel because I spent way too much time preparing for a ride and often worried that I would lose something. I needed a lightweight, multi-function pouch that creates order and keeps my things safe. Both the Echelon All-Conditions Pouch and the Tour de Fierce Cycling Wallet are designed to help you get out and and tune into something bigger than yourself.

I trained as an artist but had no experience manufacturing gear before I began this adventure. It’s been a fascinating journey, for sure, but learning about the environmental impact of manufacturing was alarming. So much waste!

I am determined not to add more garbage to the landfill. 

My solution is to make all of Fierce Hazel’s products with deadstock, and I’m proudest of the Evolution Convertible Backpack. It's literally made with scraps from the factory floor; we use pieces of fabric left over from another customer—pieces that would otherwise be destined for the landfill. (read more on our Founder’s sustainability)

I don’t need to carry much, but what I do carry is important. Functional, sustainable, and unique—those are the requirements for all Fierce Hazel makes.
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