We are all human

We are all human


Are you average? Or “normal”? We bet you answered “no” to these questions, but as human beings, we have a lot in common with one another. In the adventure world, we all need the same things: durable, lightweight products that make it easier for us to get outside. Fierce Hazel’s products have an intended use, but that use isn’t, for instance, gender specific.

A long skinny pocket might be the perfect spot to keep a tampon. Or a pen. Or lip balm. Or a tire lever. Whatever.

We think you’re creative enough to figure out what works best for you. Inclusive design is about giving all kinds of people independence, and functional design means it can be adapted to many uses. After all, we are all human.

At Fierce Hazel , we embrace diversity, support personal freedom, and want all people to be able to enjoy the outdoors. 

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