How To Choose A Bike Handlebar Bag AKA Burrito Bag 😝

How To Choose A Bike Handlebar Bag AKA Burrito Bag 😝

We're totally stoked about the new, eco-friendly True Grit bike bags, and think they are the best burrito bags out there. Not just because they are the best looking bike bags out there, but because they’re going to take you on so many adventures. Before you do head out with them though, Iet's go over what makes them so cool and how to choose a bike handlebar bag.

How to choose a burrito bag

They’re weatherproof

Each on-the-bike bag is constructed with weatherproof Olefin fabric, waterproof zippers, and a waterproof nylon lining. That means that no matter the weather, from sprinkles to monsoon, your valuables will stay safe and dry. 

They’re big boys

The semi-rigid construction of these bags means they keep their shape no matter how much you fit inside. So fill up every corner with extra energy bars, a light jacket, or some spare tubes. After all, more stuff equals more adventures!

They can attach to any bike

We designed the bags with a versatile strap system so you can swap them between your bikes. You do have more than one, right?

Pockets, pockets, and more pockets

There's a reason all the new bibs coming out have side pockets because the one thing we’re always lacking is pockets. We've taken note! The handlebar bag, in addition to the giant main compartment, features a nice side mesh pouch on the left side. This is the perfect place to stuff empty wrappers, money for a fare, or a handy wipe. The saddle bag is large enough to hold spare tubes, a multi-tool, and even a mini pump, but then it also has an inner pocket to stow extra cash or an emergency gel.

Safety first

Studies have shown that having running lights on your bike greatly reduces the chances of an accident involving a vehicle. That’s why I made sure there were light attachment patches on each bag. Plus, both bags have a reflective strip on them to increase your visibility even more. So saddle up, turn on your lights, and set out for your ride with a little more confidence.

They’re eco-friendly

When we designed these bags, they had to adhere to the same core values as my other procuts: durable, functional, and unique - plus, they needed to be sustainable. That’s why they’re made of Olefin, an eco-friendly but extremely durable and stain-resistant fabric. And since they’re upcycled from factory deadstock, they’re sustainable as well.

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