Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

By growing your own food, you can control exactly what’s going into your body. You will know the soil, the seeds, the fertilizer going into your food. You will also get back all of the love back that you poured into it. Growing your own food also allows you to keep the food free of chemicals, which is healthier, safer to eat, a big boost for our planet, and produces better tasting food. Check out some of the many benefits growing your own food has to offer.

Develop Skills

Even if you have never grown anything in your life, a home garden can help you develop skills that will promote a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Anyone can grow a tomato plant or basil plant. All that’s needed for these easy-care plants is a container of soil, a sunny location, and a bit of patience. Start small and your food-growing skills will develop with ease. You might also find there are meditative benefits to getting your hands dirty and being outside.

Feed Yourself 

Knowing how to grow your own food is immensely rewarding. The satisfaction of being self-reliant and supplying your own food to feed your family feed is priceless. You won’t be dependent on what is available at the local supermarket or what your budget may be. It allows you to eat fresh, eat clean, and eat well. 


Growing your own food is a sustainable practice that can be done indefinitely regardless of where you live. A large amount of fresh food can be grown in small spaces, with the plant matter and food peelings being recycled into compost. The compost is placed back into the soil to increase fertility so it can support more plant life. Seeds are saved from harvested crops to re-plant, and the life-cycle of food-producing plants continues endlessly.

Save Money

A suburban backyard has the potential of producing enough vegetables to feed a family and save money. Fresh, organically grown vegetables, fruits, and herbs are always more expensive, so home gardeners are saving money.

Health Benefits

Growing your own food allows you to grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs 100% chemical-free. No chemicals in the soil or on the plants mean no chemicals go into your or your family’s body from the fresh produce. That’s a significant health benefit. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain a wide range of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants that promote health and well-being. Fresh produce is naturally low in calories and contains specific nutrients that provide benefits for overall health.

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Photos via Unsplash: Thomas Gamstaetter, Wang Kenan, Monika Grabkowska, Raychan, Heather Gill


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