Channel your inner Mattie: what adventure will you set out on with these new bags?

Channel your inner Mattie: what adventure will you set out on with these new bags?

True Grit Movie Poser

In the movie True Grit, 14-year-old Mattie Ross sets out with a one-eyed marshal to avenge the murder of her father. Her determination and grit help her overcome the untamed territory, terrifying bandits, and a nasty rattlesnake bite. Did someone you say FIERCE?! 

Now, I’m not saying I want you to saddle up with a stranger and head out for revenge, but I am hoping an epic adventure is in your future with my new True Grit line of bags.

How about a multi-day bikepacking trip?

The semi-rigid construction of each bike bag means you can fit more inside them. An extra granola bar never hurt anyone. And more food equals more miles! So stuff them with all of your gear and then add in another gel or two. 

Prefer to go glamping?

If full-blown bikepacking isn’t your thing, why not go bike glamping? Take your trusty steed, both of the new True Grit bags, and create a route full of coffee shops, cute cafes, and a hotel or Airbnb. You can pack your handlebar bag with yummy snacks, a sunscreen stick, and a light jacket. Don’t forget your wallet. Or rather, the Fierce Hazel Super Useful Cardholder since its Teflon material will cut down on weight but keep your cards and cash all together.

Want to keep your trip within the city limits?

Even if you are never more than an hour from your house, accidents happen, so having all the right tools on hand is essential. The new saddle bag can fit your usual on-the-go repair items plus a light jacket or extra food.

Or what about biking when the weather gets epic?

Rain usually gets cyclists a little nervous, but since these bags are made of Olefin, they are extremely weather-resistant. So you can bike with your buddies in the wet winter months and know your valuables will stay safe and dry. Plus, since the bags are stain resistant, you don’t have to worry about getting mud or melty chocolate from your granola bars on them.

So if it’s rainy in the mountains, you’re covered. If you have more food than your buddies, you’re covered. And if your bag gets bit by a rattlesnake…well, it will likely survive that too, though I never tested it.

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