Last-Minute, Low-Cost Mother's Day Gifts

Last-Minute, Low-Cost Mother's Day Gifts

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There's no need to spend a lot of money, but you've waited until the last minute to buy your Mother's Day gift, and you feel like a complete heel. Of course, you can always go the chocolate or flowers route, but you know they both reek of being a cop-out. 

There's also no need to go to a big store and roam the aisles for hours looking for a last-minute Mother's Day gift that seems oh-so-elusive. Just stop at a large grocery store, use one of these suggestions, and you're in the clear. Last-minute Mother's Day gifts can be decent gifts. 

  • Five-Minute Berries & Cream Cake - No, you don't have to bake anything, and a store-bought cake looks so, well, store-bought. Just buy a frozen pound cake, frost with whipped topping (the tub kind) and decorate with fresh berries. It will look like you went to a lot of trouble. (Cakes thaw quickly, and are still tasty even semi-frozen.) 
  • Plant Re-Do - Potted plants are nicer than flowers, as they last much longer and can be replanted. The downside is the tacky, shiny paper the store wraps around them. Purchase some pretty tissue or wrapping paper from the card section, along with some ribbon, and your gift will look ten times nicer in an instant. 
  • Basket Case - Stores with a floral department will usually wrap up a basket of anything you choose. Skip the boring fruit and build a basket with a theme: herbal teas, exotic spices, foreign cheeses, Italian cuisine ---anything goes. 
  • Kitchen Gadgets - Most larger groceries have a small aisle of appliances and cookware. Choose a nifty gadget and include some appropriate accompaniments. For example: a spice grater with some whole cinnamon, or a coffee grinder with a pound of organic coffee. 

Have a healthy, happy (though spur-of-the-moment) Mother's Day. 

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