Love In The Time Of Indoor Training

Love In The Time Of Indoor Training

Basecamp training

What makes me think I have anything to say about my love of cycling that is at all interesting or different? Maybe I don’t. It would sound like a typical love story; with love, at first sight, a few falls along the way, the love triangle (road, mountain, track), and the other heroine (gravel) would have its own, vast chapter trying to break up the gang. So, yeah, I’ve been through all of the standard ups and downs, and I am currently in love with a bike named Ridley. She’s super fast and the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen! 

Ridley Kanzo Fast

So, here we go… plot twist! Indoor training with BaseCamp. If you knew me, you’d know that I feel the happiest biking by myself in the SoCal mountains. So what’s this about riding a bike inside? Some people don’t even call it cycling. I didn’t. Cycling is about being free, about getting outside, about exploring new places. Right?  

Here’s the thing: I feel better riding my bike. About everything. Mental. Physical. About my body. I eat better. I smile more. It makes me happy. So yeah, l just now found out that indoor training gives me the same benefits. Emphasis on happy.

Like many people, I wasn’t outside riding my bike during the early part of the pandemic, and I lost my happy factor. I tried and failed with the typical indoor set-up. Think solo spin class without the fancy stationary bike and pretty people. I’d get a decent 45 min cardio workout, but it just didn’t feel like me. I’m a real cyclist, right? And real cyclists only bike outside. Even in bad weather when it’s freezing cold and rainy and dark in the mornings, and must have the HTFU attitude. Right?!

Cut to ending: Nope! BaseCamp has made me feel more like a real cyclist than ever. It’s the fact that I'm really part of a badass cycling group with real-life pros!! Training hard and getting better.

So what is BaseCamp?

It’s not just your basic, winter training program, but a full-throttle cyclist support community with professional cyclists and pro-coaches leading the way. It’s a 4-month training, strength, and nutrition plan for cyclists and triathletes. For me, it put me in much better shape than I could do alone. 

It’s both easy and hard

Easy: all you gotta do is follow the plan, and you’ll get stronger, faster, happier. Not much to think about as it’s all laid out for you based on your individual training goals. At the start, you will fill out a training assessment to get your customized train plan. 

Hard: Yup. You gotta do the work to get the results. Intervals aren’t easy! But trust the process. It works! You’re also given nutrition and weight training support to help you along. All of the workouts are fed into a free TrainingPeaks account, where you can crunch the data and analyze each workout until your heart’s content. (Or until 1 in the morning!) It’s the real f'ing deal!  

Basecamp zwift group ride

And, oh yeah, you don’t have to do the workouts inside. However, I’ve found the trainer has been a great option for bad weather or a time-crunched work week. Super efficient! On the virtual Zwift group rides, you’ll be led by the uber-coach, Tim Cusick, along with pros like Amber Neben, Rebecca Rusch, Serena Bishop Gordon, where you can ask questions directly. On the group rides, we are all racers, athletes, and all-out competitors, yet all teammates who support each other at the same time.

I gained a whole new community via the private Facebook group. No one was more surprised than me. As an outspoken introvert (is that even possible?!), in-person group rides of more than 6 people turn me away; I’m also an outspoken FB dis-liker. But I jumped in anyway. The positive support was undeniable. There’s a wealth of knowledge from fellow cyclists with years on the bike. From saddle sores to power meters, nutrition hacks, to Zwift tricks, these folks have a wealth of experience, and everyone is sharing. More surprising was how much expert advice was given from the coaches. I mean... these are real-life professional coaches who have brought pro-cyclists to victory. And there they are, looking at my numbers and giving me knowledge and advice. How cool is that?!

It feels like what a great team should be. Where everyone is working hard to achieve their individual goals while giving 100% support and encouragement to fellow team members. As a team, we all do better. 

So yeah, this is a love story. But there is a heck-of-a-lot of blood, sweat, and tears along the way. FTP test, anyone?!

Hurry, BaseCamp kicks off on November 29th!

And since you are part of the Fierce Hazel family, BaseCamp is offering the friends and family discount: $50.00 off either package.  Just follow the link  and use the code: 2021BC50 for your savings.

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