Cycling Tool Kit Essentials

Cycling Tool Kit Essentials

If you ride a bike, you're going to get a flat. Seriously, it's going to happen eventually. You hear a funny noise... stop... look down and... dang it... flat tire. Let's hope you never break a chain, but it's good to be prepared just in case. There are essential items that will fit into your eco-friendly Tour de Fierce Cycling wallet that will prevent you from having to walk home. You shouldn't have to make any major repairs out on the road. Right? Because you keep your bike tuned up and in good repair. If you run tubeless, check the sealant regularly to cut down on flats.

We're not one for rules (Velominati Rule #31), but some say a saddle bag destroys the aesthetics of the bike. If you agree, then you'll need the Tour de Fierce Cycling wallet. It will fit everything you need plus a little bit more. Otherwise, get a saddlebag. We honestly don't care what you use, we just want you to be prepared. 

The first thing you'll need, although less and less due to tubeless tires, is a tube. If your bike uses clinchers, then you'll need a spare one or two. You never know when you're going to have to use them or help out a fellow cyclist. Make sure you have the correct size and that the stem is long enough for your rims. The stem will have either a Presta or Schrader valve. Learn the difference and make sure your valve type matches your pump.   

To change and inflate the tube, you will need a tire lever and either a pump or CO2 cartridge system. A small CO2 inflator or a micro-pump will fit inside the Tour de Fierce Cycling essential case. Otherwise, attach the pump to your frame or carry it separately in your jersey pocket. Don't know how to change a tire? Check out this how-to article:

Sometimes we may have bad luck and suffer more than one flat, so carrying a puncture repair kit is a smart move. From the traditional patch with glue to the new foams that cover the hole. In case of a second puncture, which is something that can happen, you will be safe.

Pro tip: If you run tubeless and get a puncture: Don't stop! Keep rolling and allow the sealant to fill the hole. 

It's not for making big repairs, but you might want to carry a multi tool kit. It will have several tools from a screwdriver to Allen wrench and a chain tool. Year after year, they are smaller and have more tools, so it is essential to take it with you. If you have to screw or disassemble any part, it will be helpful. It helped me a hundred times, and if it incorporates a trunk-chains much better. 

Don't forget about the chain. If it breaks, you want to have a quick closing link and a chain tool in your multi-tool. A quick-link takes up almost no space in your kit and is better than having to walk home. Here's a good how-to when it comes to chain repair:

Having a well-stocked cycling wallet on your next ride will make sure you always have luck on your side. A few extra grams won't kill you, and you don't want to be that person who never has a spare tube. No one likes that guy.


Photography: Michael Higgins @michaelhigginsphoto

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