Bike Rumor Feature

Bike Rumor Feature

Tour de Fierce is the World’s Lightest Cycling Wallet

Tour de Fierce Ultra light cycling wallet being help by a finger

We loved seeing the news about our wallet pop up on Bike Rumor. Especially fun was reading the comments! 

"They make a bold claim," writes about our Tour de Fierce cycling wallet. It's the world's lightest! They ask the weight weenies out there to please correct the statement in the comments if they know of a lighter cycling wallet. Well... the comments are hilarious! 🤣⠀

  1. No one has found a lighter, full-sized wallet. They mention a few small zipper pouches, but I bet they've never seen our Featherweight Echelon Pouch! It’s only 0.5 oz!
  2. Many silly people are still using plastic, sandwich bags. Meanwhile we make all of our sustainable products from deadstock and our wallet is way more durable.
  3. What is most illuminating is they seemed threatened by our all-inclusive design and can't type the word "tampax" or "tampon" in their comments. You see, in the adventure world, we all need the same things: durable, lightweight products that make it easier for us to get outside. Fierce Hazel’s products have an intended use, but it’s not gender-specific. The front pocket can be used for a tampon, a tire lever, a pen, lip balm, electrolyte packet… Lot’s of things. 

 Is it really so hard to write the word the word 'tampon'?

The Tour de Fierce is sustainably produced from factory deadstock, fabricated into a weatherproof 30D PU + silicone-coated nylon in a heat-bonded and seam-sealed construction. And, Fierce Hazel proudly state that it is ethically made at a factory that pays a living wage and provides a good work environment.

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