Great Hiking Gifts For Grandma

Great Hiking Gifts For Grandma

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We think Grandmothers should be remembered on Mother's Day. Because, well... they are still mothers!

Hiking is a great way for grandmas to spend time with their grandchildren and friends while enjoying the very best nature has to offer. Whether the grandma in your life is an avid hiker or she just likes to take leisurely walks at the local park, there are lots of practical and fun gift options that she’ll enjoy while spending time in the great outdoors. 


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A great gift option is to give grandma a new Evolution Convertible Backpack filled with hiking essentials for her next trek into the great outdoors. Include a eco-friendly aluminum water bottle that will keep her water cool, an assortment of trail mix and protein bars, a map of local hiking trails, Insect repellent, a mini bottle of sunscreen, and a lightweight blanket for taking a relaxing break. 

A miniature compass for your hiking grandma is a practical gift that she’ll cherish. A number of companies are now making real working compass necklaces for women. Give grandma a stylish, miniature compass and a handwritten card with the sentiment that you’d be lost without her guidance. If she has trouble working small latches and clasps, be sure to give her a miniature compass pendant on an extra long chain or cord so she can slip it over her head.

If grandma’s favorite hiking trails are in a nearby national forest, you can purchase a daily or an annual forest pass that will allow her to access parking lots, hiking trails, public lands, campgrounds and other areas requiring usage permit fees in that particular region. If grandma travels frequently, consider getting her an Interagency Park Pass from the U.S. Forest Service. This particular pass will give her access to all national forests and parks around the country. Depending on her age, she might qualify for a discounted Interagency Senior Pass, which is good for a lifetime. Whatever type of pass you choose for grandma, you’ll not only make her happy, you’ll also be supporting the maintenance and upkeep of our national parks. 

The Tour de Fierce Ultralight Wallet is great choice for the hiking grandma. The oversized zipper pull provides easy access for arthritic hands and the waterproof zipper will keep her valuables dry. It’s super lightweight and securely holds everything she’ll need—plus a little bit more. 


Older woman walking with walking stick

Handmade walking sticks are another nice gift choice for your hiking grandmother. Most commonly made of polished hardwood, walking sticks provide extra support on slopes, uneven terrain and rugged trails. While there are many designs and types of walking sticks available, the best sticks are lightweight and made of solid hardwood. Most walking sticks will have a leather strap or lanyard on top and a good rubber or non-slip grip on the bottom. Because walking sticks provide extra support when hiking, many hikers prefer long sticks that range in length from the floor to the shoulder and even up to the chin. 

If the hiking grandmother in your life loves to read, there are many great books available. If grandma loves humor, she’ll enjoy reading Bill Bryson’s, A Walk in the Woods. If she likes photography and travel, she might enjoy a nice coffee table book like Peter Potterfield’s, Classic Hikes of North America. And if she’s a typical grandma that loves to cook and bake, she’ll be delighted by Alan Kesselheim’s, Trail Food, a book for backpackers about making and drying snacks and food. If you are not sure what type of book to buy for her, a safe bet would be one about regional hiking trails. If she’s planning a trip in the near future, buy her a book about the area she’s traveling to.

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